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Buoy aeration mixer, aeration mixer, mixer, sewage treatment plant aeration mixer

First, product use

The FPQ series buoy aeration mixer is the general name of the FPQA dry aeration mixer and the FPQA buoy diving aeration blender.

The device drives the impeller directly by the motor. It has the functions of aeration, oxygen mixing, mixing sewage, mixing sludge, and promoting the flow of water medium. It is mainly used in the sewage treatment of various industries, and can also be applied to the oxygenation of water purification and aquaculture, such as rivers, lakes, fishing ponds and so on. It is generally used in aerobic treatment process, such as activated sludge process and oxidation ditch, and the process of facultative oxygen. The product has the advantages of small noise, stable operation, easy installation, simple management, high efficiency of power transmission and strong mixing power.

Two. The principle of work

The composite impeller is composed of a mixed impeller and a carefully designed shear impeller. Directly driven by the motor composite high-speed rotating impeller mixing impeller back to produce a very large negative pressure generated in the stamping or negative pressure blower under positive pressure, will be a lot of air and water suction air turbulence chamber, cut impeller cutting and crushed into tiny micro bubbles, the Department of the air oxygen quickly dissolved into the water, forming the first oxygen time. At the same time, the formation of strong mixing impeller push flow of water, water and oxygen molecules carrying a large number of tiny bubbles through the abortion facing the bottom of the pool. Then drive around the jet, diffusion, sludge flipping, tiny bubbles in the water residence time is greatly prolonged, the oxygen is absorbed again, forming second soluble chloride. At this time, the slowly rising part of the water bubble mixture gradually dissolved in the upper water body, forming the third dissolved oxygen. Some water bubbles are once again inhaled into the inlet of the water, forming a continuous circulation type mixing, the effect of dissolved oxygen is further improved, and the dynamic efficiency is greatly improved.

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