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HIPPO submersible pump of unclogged submersible pump for submersible pump sewage pump all through se

1. Product description

1 with the design of large channel anti blocking hydraulic components, the solid particles can be effectively passed through the diameter of 25~70 millimeter.

2 the design is reasonable, anti blocking, strong winding ability and reliable use.

3 the seal of the latest material can make the pump run for more than eight thousand hours.

4 compact structure, convenient movement, easy installation, no need to build the pump room, can reduce the cost of the project.

The 5 double track automatic installation system has brought great convenience to the installation and maintenance, and the staff can not enter the sewer pit for this purpose.

The 6 floating ball switch can automatically control the stop of the pump according to the change of the required water level, and it does not need to be watched by a special person.

7 the leakage of the products, water leakage and overload are guaranteed, and the safety and reliability of the products are improved.

Two. The scope of application:

1 factory and commercial sewage discharge;

2 sewage drainage in residential areas, hospitals and hotels;

3 the drainage of the waterworks;

4 urban sewage treatment plant drainage system;

5 civil air defense system drainage; municipal engineering, construction site;

6 irrigation of farmland; auxiliary equipment for exploration and mine.







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