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Multistage simulated mobile floating vessel pumping station intake floating dock pump station

Product use:

The multi-stage simulated floating dock pump station is mainly applied to the small and medium water intake projects for the construction of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Municipal construction, farmland irrigation, national defense, river basin and large watershed water transfer and metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, medicine, leather making, papermaking, printing and dyeing, electric power, water works and so on. The main working conditions: dry season and wet season water level fall, water level fluctuation is fast, steep slope and depth to water, only need to build a pier in the shore side, the natural lift water floating dock water pumping station.

Applicable conditions:

1. The water level of the dry season and the season of abundant water is big, the fluctuation frequency is not fixed, the velocity of water flow is unstable.

2, the bank slope is relatively flat, the distance of the position of the water intake is more than 40 meters away from the shore.

3, the reservoir and the unnavigable waters are installed on the site by the modular assembly of the hull, to solve the problems of transportation and field production.

Structure composition:

Modular pontoon, water pump, motor, valve, expansion joints, check valve, water supply pipe, lifting maintenance device, a flexible joint, rocker arm pipes, lines of Zhanqiao, vacuum system, fire protection system, drainage system, lighting system, alarm system, rescue system, anchorage system, electric control system, on the spot PLC remote intelligent control system.

Main features:

This type of pump station for water in rivers and lakes, reservoir. The construction station is simple, convenient, short cycle, low cost, high water intake efficiency, strong stability, safe and reliable. It is not affected by the large water level drop, the fluctuating frequency change and so on. It can take water in a continuous day, and the daily amount of water is from thousands of cubic meters to a million cubic meters.




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