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Intelligent water floating dock pumping water pump mobile pump boat floating dock pump

First, product use

Multilevel pontoon water pump is mainly used in municipal construction, irrigation, water diversion flow area of rivers lakes and metallurgy, mining, chemical, medicine, papermaking, printing and dyeing, power plants and other areas, tap water supply project;

It is mainly applicable to the flat slope of the bank, and the distance from the offshore edge of the intake of the water intake is >50m.

The water intake and pump lift are determined according to the requirements of the user.

Two, structure composition and working principle

Multilevel pontoon water pump mainly comprises the pontoon, water pump, valve, water supply pipe, lifting device, maintenance escrow system, vacuum system, fire control system, lighting system, alarm system, rescue system, anchorage system, expansion joints, water pipe, water drainage system, electrical control system etc.. When the high water level is running, the floating ship and the trusteeship system are all floating on the surface of the water; when the water level is low, a partial trusteeship system on the shore can be stranded.

Three. Main features

1, using multilevel pontoon type water pump boat can solve the high water level and water from the far shore difficult;

2, with the rise and fall of the water level, the position of the pump and the suction port always stays the same. The suction port of the pump has been kept at 1-2m below the liquid level, and the cement and sand content of the water intake is low, and the dirt has been reduced.

3, high stability, meet the three cabin design of pump does not sink;

4. Compared with the civil construction pump house, no cofferdam construction is needed, the project progress is accelerated, the time limit is shortened, and the cost is reduced (the greater the water level is, the more obvious the cost savings are). The construction is simple and safe, and it has little influence on the surrounding environment.

5, it has solved the difficulties that the inlet pipe of the fixed pump station is easily clogged and difficult to clean up at the bottom of the water.

6, the security facilities are complete, the use is reliable and reliable, equipped with lifting facilities, convenient maintenance and maintenance;

7, pump installation can be divided into the form of deck layout and supporting arrangement, water consumption is large, recommended through type arrangement.

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