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Rotary grate discharge machine, grinding machine, Fanpa character gate decontamination grille, sewag

1. Main uses

The main purpose of the GSHZ series rotary grille decontamination machine is to remove the coarse floating objects in the sewage, such as weeds, wood strips, garbage, fiber and rubber and plastic.

Two. The principle of work

The rotary grille decontamination machine mainly consists of the frame, the tooth rake and the gate bar, the cleaning rake plate, the lifting chain and the motor decelerator. When a fixed rake plate in ascension on the chain driven by the driving device, the dirt part of underwater fishing grille interception, rake plate on two side lifting chain gate to gate before the synchronous clockwise rotation movement, when the scraper plate to the top of the body, due to the guide and the guide wheel, leading to fall under gravity sewage sewage discharge.

Three. Installation

This equipment should be installed according to the following steps so as not to damage the equipment.

1, inspection and preparation

Prior to the installation of this equipment, check the following contents:

1) check whether the equipment is damaged in the course of transportation.

2) should first check the accuracy of the basic size of the equipment according to the installation drawings and the drawings of the earth.

3) check the embedded parts size is consistent with the embedded graph, the above points are checked, then installing the equipment.

2. Installation of equipment

1) the whole equipment installed on the frame, bearing and ground plate is then embedded parts, bearing plate and embedded parts welded together after the installation of the bottom grille if space, available cement fixation.

2) if there is no place available directly to the embedded expansion bolt and fixed ground support equipment.

3) in the installation of this equipment, we should pay attention to the level and vertical of the ground.

Four. Equipment operation

1, the electrician is responsible for the power supply.

In 2, after the power is switched on, the power switch point, to observe the running direction and whether the tooth equipment safety cover for the direction of the arrow shown in line, if not, should be immediately cut off adjustment.

3, when starting and running, the lines, instruments and buttons that first check the electrical control box should be in normal state. Then the power switch will be placed in the &ldquo. When the &rdquo is started, the position of the rack rake can be operated manually or automatically.

4, connect the power supply after the first no-load test run, jog, manual switch, observation grid should be no jitter, jamming and abnormal noise, if not normal, should be down to check out.

5. When the equipment is running normally, the power switch can be cut into the automatic running state.

Usually, the proper start and stop time should be determined according to the amount of contaminants in the pump station, such as 5min opening and 30min stopping. Once it is determined, the machine will be in an automatic state.

Hangzhou Fuyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly hints: do not leave the operator temporarily to leave the pump station and other reasons to turn off the machine! A large number of facts show that after a shutdown, a lot of dirt is accumulated in the grid part due to failure to start again in time, which increases the operation load and even results in the killing of the gear rake. In a word, the dirt from the bar should be removed in time.

Five, common fault and elimination method

The most common fault is that a large number of dirt accumulates to make the tooth rake card dead, the motor is overloaded and the power is protected, and the alarm is stopped automatically. At this point, measures should be taken to enable the motor to move reversely. First, the function switch is placed in the manual position. After that, the electric reversing can be done, and the gear rake will run for about 0.5 meters or more, then the right track will be moved again, so that the gear rake can lift the dirt smoothly through the dead point, which is a round. If one turn fails to discharge a fault, multiple rounds can be reversed until the fault is excluded. Under special circumstances, multiple failures can not be eliminated many times, and the sewage from the grille well should be exhausted to remove the dirt between the rake and the grid. After that, the machine can run normally.

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