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Why high lift pumps can't be used in low lift

High lift pumps can not be used at low lift.

Many users believe that before choosing a pump, a pump with a higher head than the actual working condition will be more secure and the use range of the lift will be more extensive. Under this misleading mistake, the pump buyers often choose the pump to make a very high lift.

In fact, in a centrifugal pump, when the pump model is determined, its power consumption is proportional to the actual pump and flow size. In the case of higher normal head, the pump produces less flow and lower power consumption. On the contrary, if the lift is lower in the actual operating condition, the flow will increase, and the flow will be larger, and the power consumption will be greater. Therefore, when the high lift pump is used for low lift, the motor is easily overloaded and fevers, and the motor is burned out in serious case. So the choice of flow is appropriate, not the bigger the better.

If emergency is used, the pump must be adjusted by the outlet valve installed on the outlet pipe, usually self regulating valve or other methods can be used to reduce the discharge of the water and prevent the motor from overloading. Pay attention to the temperature of the motor. If the motor is overheated, reducing the flow rate of the outlet or closing the machine can avoid burning the motor in time. Some users are forced to reduce the flow by reducing the power supply voltage, which will increase the load of the motor. In fact, on the contrary, the unit outlet pipe of the centrifugal pump drainage station is equipped with valves to reduce the load of the motor. The valve should be closed before the pump is shut. After the pump is started, the valve is gradually opened to make it not overcurrent when it is started.

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