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How to maintain and maintain a submersible sewage pump?

In order to ensure the normal use and life of the submersible sewage pump, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out.

1, to replace the sealing ring: long-term use in water media, the gap between the impeller and the sealing ring can be increased, resulting in decreased pump flow and efficiency, should turn off the switch, lift the pump, remove the bottom cover, remove the sealing ring, according to the actual size of the impeller mouth ring sealing ring, the gap is generally about 0.5mm.

2. When the submersible sewage pump is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and lifted in the ventilation and drying place, and the antifreeze should be paid attention to. If placed in water, at least 30min (not dry grinding) every 15 days to check its function and adaptability.

3, the cable is checked at least once a year, if it is damaged, please replace it.

4, check the motor insulation and fastening screws at least once a year. If the motor insulation falls, please find special maintenance. If the fastening screws are loose, please retighten it.

5, the submersible sewage pump has been injected with appropriate oil before leaving the factory to lubricate the mechanical seal, and the oil should be checked once a year. If there is water in the oil, should be let go, change the oil, the replacement gasket, tighten the plug. After three weeks, the inspection must be reexamined. If the oil is also emulsified, the mechanical seal should be checked and replaced if necessary.

6, submersible sewage pump operation after the failure, please according to the given troubleshooting method to eliminate, will be resolved, and can not determine the cause, not to dismantle the repair, maintenance personnel should immediately find.

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