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Service commitment

Hangzhou Fu Yu Ze environmental technology limited company in line with "rely on science and technology innovation, based on the quality to win customer satisfaction" business purposes, to ensure that the user can rest assured that the use of the company's products, formulated the following terms as the company's sales and service commitment. First, the products all meet the strict enterprise standard and the national standard of mechanical department. Two, after receiving the sales orders, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the terms of the contract to arrange production and delivery, ensure the products in good condition, according to the requirements of the time and place to. Three, the company of the product of "Three Guarantees", the machine is guaranteed for one year. Four, in the warranty period, due to product quality problems caused by damage or can not work normally, the company is responsible for free repair or replacement, and provide the relevant knowledge of maintenance. As a result of improper use or not in the warranty period caused by damage or can not work normally, the company provides lifelong maintenance service for the product. Five, the establishment of user files, regular visits to the user. The problem or information which appears in the process of using the company's products in the user, please timely feedback to the company, so that we can tackle, and improve. Six, the company to provide quality customer service service, customer issues must be answered within six hours. Seven, if necessary, the company provides free consultation, on-site installation and debugging. The right of final interpretation of the above terms, eight belong to the company.

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