Hangzhou Fuyu Ze Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Corporate culture

Hangzhou Fu Yu Ze environmental protection science and technology limited company of "honesty, dedication, excellence" purposes, through scientific management, professional services, diversification "business principles, with" unified image, unified service, unified management "concept, and strive to build a well-known brand China!

Build the cause of the pump and valve, and create a beautiful home. The integration of science and technology will be our constant pursuit!

The basic point of view of the enantiomer culture

1, "one center": enterprise culture must be rooted in enterprise management.

2, two basic points: customer oriented to the outside, and oriented to employees.

The 3 and four basic principles: development, innovation, pragmatism and endeavour.

Development: development is the hard truth;

Innovation: to change the strain wins the status quo;

Pragmatism: seeking truth from facts and making progress;

Endeavour: unremitting struggle to the end.

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